5 Unique Ways to Use a Pizza Stone

Do you think that the task of pizza stone is only to make and bake the pizza? Well, there are many other ways in which you can use the pizza stone. So, remove this idea from your mind that its purpose is only baking.

Anything that you buy should help you for multiple purposes. Read on below to know what the unique ways to use a pizza stone are?

Unique Ways to Use a Pizza Stone

Making tasty flatbreads

There are so many different varieties in flatbreads. Naan, pita bread, focaccia, etc. are tasty flatbreads. Being a food lover, you will love to eat these things as well. Replace the pan with a pizza stone and coat it with some cooking oil. Now, find out the recipe for making flatbreads from the web and start your task quickly. You will be astonished to find that flatbreads, as made on the pizza stone, would be tastier and better.

Roasting the veggies

Do you like to eat vegetables? Well, they are very healthy and tasty too! If you are tired of eating those conventionally cooked vegetables, then it’s time to make some potent changes. You can even roast the plants on the pizza stone and add some herbs and seasonings to it.

But make sure that first, you preheat the stone. Preheating will give the vegetables a perfect effect, and the outcome will get celebrated at the end, when the vegetable sizzle, there will be good aroma coming out. You will know that you were successful in roasting the veggies.

Meat pressing

If you are a meat lover; then you already know that pressing the meat takes time. But if you use a pizza stone, then the meat pressing time will be reduced. Also, the outcome would be great. Meat requires more heat for cooking. With a good quality pizza stone, you will end up getting wonderfully pressed duck.

Making chips

If you want to avoid fried foods and want to settle down for a healthier version, then making chips on the pizza stone will be a good idea. You will have to preheat the pizza stone and then place the thin slices of potatoes on it.

Using it as serving platter when not in use

When you are not using the pizza stone, you can use it as a serving platter. When there are many people at home, serving pizza slices or chips on this will make it look tempting.

Making a big Halloween cookie

Are you planning to make a big sized cookie or cookie cake this Halloween? Well, using a pizza stone will be an excellent way to make the cookie and also to present the same to the guests and the family members.

Find more recipes

There are so many recipes that would use a pizza stone. You can find out from your friends about which recipes they make at home, using a pizza stone. You can even take up some research on the web. By doing the research, you will be able to find brilliant recipes and ways to include the use of pizza stone in your recipes.

A pizza stone is one of the best additions to your kitchen. It helps in eliminating the prebaking. It makes tasty pizza, and at the same time, there are many other ways in which it can get used.

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