Integrated approach to Technology in Education (ITE) is a pedagogic framework for integrating technology in teaching and learning. It was first piloted in rural learning centres in East India in 2012. Conceptualised by Program personnel at Tata Trusts, ITE provides children an opportunity to authenticate their learning at school using technology, while imparting crucial technological skills that are fast becoming requisites in the 21st century. The Tata Trusts’ ITE program is being implemented across nine states through 14 partners and direct project units. The geographical areas of the program is mainly resource poor, such as in tribal inhabited areas in Eastern and North Eastern States or in urban slums in Maharashtra and West Bengal. The program runs in supplementary learning centres, Madrassahs and public schools.

Rather than creating an additional layer in the classroom, technology is embedded in the teachers’ lesson plans and pedagogy. The teacher designs learning activities and students use technology to construct their own learning. Technology is used as a tool, rather than as an end itself.

ITE’s multifaceted objectives include bridging the digital divide; fostering digital citizenship, creating an active interest for learning; fostering Higher Order Thinking Skills and significantly improving pedagogies and learning processes.

The Tata Trusts are proud to partner with the following agencies in the ITE initiative:

Name of the State Name of Organization
Assam Azagar Social Circle
Digital Empowerment Foundation
Gramya Vikas Mancha
Rural Volunteer Centre
Jharkhand Torpa Rural Development Society for Women
Madhya Pradesh Aide at Action
Maharashtra Society for Awareness, Harmony & Equal Rights (SAHER)
Meghalaya Digital Empowerment Foundation
Odisha Tata Trusts – Project Management Unit
Rajasthan Foundation for Education & Development
Uttar Pradesh Nalanda Resource Centre
People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR)
Tata Trusts – Project Management Unit
West Bengal Child In Need Institute
Samaritan Health Mission
Street Survivors
Suchana Uttor Chandipur Community Society
Vikramshila education resource society