How to Use a Meat Cleaver?

Having the right kitchen appliances can make your life easy. One of the best kitchen appliances is a knife. It helps in cutting vegetables and meat. Cutting meat is a challenging task, and hence using a meat cleaver will help you in doing the thing rightly.

Many people know that meat cleaver helps in cutting meat and vegetables. But they do not know how to use it. That’s the reason why they would not want to buy one. If you find out why and how to handle meat cleaver; you are making your life easy.

Why you need a meat cleaver?

If you cook meat regularly, then you need to chop it into pieces. Along with that, you also need vegetables for cutting meat and vegetables, having a meat cleaver will work wonders. It would help if you learned how to use the meat cleaver and see how you can make your life simple.

A meat cleaver is a useful kitchen appliance, and it helps in saving your time and energy. Chopping meat would take away too much of your time. Hence, if you keep a meat cleaver in your kitchen shelf, you are saving a good amount of time.

Cutting pumpkin and pineapple is also too hard. But once you have the meat cleaver at home, the task of cutting these vegetables and fruits will also become quick and easy.

If you have to perform the task of chopping beef bones or chicken thighs, you will be disappointed if you have to do it with some other knife. With meat cleaver, your job will become quite easy.

How to use a meat cleaver?

To cut the meat with the meat cleaver, you must first take the cutting board.

Now, place the meat or the item that you have to chop on the cutting board.

Now, take the position to attack the item that you have to cut.

It would help if you held the knife with power and a good grip.

Now, you can cut the thing as desired.

If you feel the need, then you can slice for one more time.

How to take care of the meat cleaver?

Once you get done with cutting and chopping the meat, you should clean the knife with warm water and soap.

After you have washed the knife, you must leave it on a cloth or on the kitchen towel to let it dry.

Even though the knife might be using the stainless steel metal, it can rust. Thus drying the blade is a necessary process. Don’t try skipping that.

Could you keep it away from children? It’s a sharp thing, and kids are always curious to touch such things. So, keep the knife in a special shelf where kids won’t reach.

Clean the knife immediately after you use acidic food items like lemons, tomatoes, ginger, etc. It will help in enhancing the life span of the blade.

With all the above instructions, it is clear that you know why you need a meat cleaver, how to use meat cleaver and how to take care of it.

Are you new to the word meat cleaver and planning to buy one? If yes, then you should ask your friends who love cooking and eating, about which brands of meat cleaver will be good for your kitchen. You can even check out online and see the reviews. By doing some research, you will be able to take the right decision of buying a good knife for your kitchen.

Making tasty dishes out of meat at home will help you to avoid eating outside foods. You can maintain perfect hygiene, and hence cooking at home would be the best thing you can do. Bring something helpful like a meat cleaver and another set of chopping knives for your kitchen, to make your task super straightforward.


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