Top Beyblade Games

Are you the one who is a fan of Beyblade?

Are you looking for the Beyblade game for your android?

So here’s the list of Top Beyblade Games for your mobile. This list will solve your problem of choosing from hundreds of options.

The list of top 5 Beyblade games to make help you choose the best one for your mobile.

Top 5 Beyblade Games

Beyblade burst rivals

This game is one of the best Beyblade games for your smartphone.

All you need to do is choose your favorite Beyblade character and go along the storyline. You need to follow the quest of your personality and help him become the master. In this game, you will get Beyblade tournaments, participate in the Beyblade battle, and become the champion by making use of rare and powerful beys.

This game also allows you to upgrade your Beys, which will make them more robust so that you can use them in the battle and become the champion. This game can help you show who’s the boss in the game. It also allows you to use your skill to beat the opponent.

This game will surely help you find out if you are capable of being the best Blader—the best one to test your skills.


The game can be played both in Android phones and iPhones.

Spin tops

This game is the most straightforward Beyblade game, yet it can be fun. If you are the one who is interested in the Beyblades fight, then surely this the one for you. This game allows you to spin your top against the competitor. It would be best if you knocked down the competitor’s spin before your get knockdown.

This game surely doesn’t have any storyline or characters. But you can customize your Beys with different powers. The game consists of 3 modes of play, they are a simple, quick match, where you need to make a high score, second is the arcade mode, which offers you endless battles with the opponent, and the last one is the tournament where you need to win the cup.


The game is available only for Android phones.

Spin top fighter: Beyblade revolution

The spin top fighter is one of the best Beyblade games. It can get used for testing your fighting skills. All you need to do is to knock down the Beyblade of the rival before they knock yours, and every time you need to face the stricter opponent. It would be best if you used your strategies and can even make use of particular skills like fireball charge, and heal.

The Beyblade game comes with features that will keep you engaged for hours. The 3D models, significant spinning effects, and good visual and sound effects make it much more attractive. All you should have is a proper internet connection.


The game is available for Androids.

Spin God blade: spin the ultimate top!

Spin God Blade, as the name suggests, gives the new definition to all spin games. If you are willing to add some effects, then you should surely go for the Spin God blade. This game is not complicated, like other games. It is easy to play with fighting battles. It has excellent sound effects and allows you to improve your Beyblade fighting skills with each action. The game is full of fun ready to provide you with new powers of different spin tops.


This version is available only for android phones.

Blade bouncer

The Beyblade game is to help you master your fighting skills and making you the master of the field. To defeat the opponent, you need to customize your Beyblade to become more powerful and ultimately become the champion.

The game is fun, all you have to do is sneak your opponent’s Beyblade, by using your timing skill and collect all the spirit animals, so that you can use their legendary powers.

You can also compete with your friends in the game, and show them who us the real master of the game.


The game is available for Android phones only.

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