What Is WordPress? Explained for Beginners

In earlier times, there were no such facilities in the life of human beings. They lived their life in whatever resources they had. There was no such source of information or entertainment. They had to believe what they come across themselves and entertain themselves accordingly. In a way, in earlier times people lived their lives in a limit or in other words it can be said that limited life was the source of their happiness. But time flew and people began changing their daily activities and started inventing new things that could cater to their needs.

It is clearly evident that in this scientific and technological era, everything has been made possible. From limitless life toy entertainment, everything is available. It is commonly said that the invention of the computer has been one of the greatest inventions of all the time. It has been a very good source of entertainment and knowledge. The best part of this technological era is the discovery of the Internet. The internet facility has added a flavour to the life of humans. There is no single person who owns a mobile phone with no internet. People have been loving this facility. The Internet plays a very important role in the daily life of humans which cannot be described in mere words.

In the internet facility, people can search for any information. The information is available on different websites. But have you ever thought about how these websites are managed in such a smooth manner? Now you will come to know about the maintenance of the website. Read it properly to know the answer to your question.

What is WordPress?

If we talk about technical terms then, WordPress is a content management system. It is licensed under GPLv2. This means that anyone can modify the WordPress hosting software for free of cost. A content management system is a tool that makes it easy to manage all the aspects of a website, like content without having any knowledge about the programming. In easy words, WordPress can be understood as a tool to build a website and make it accessible to the people who do not have any knowledge about the programming.

WordPress.org Vs. WordPress.com

WordPress.org and WordPress.com may look the same but both are different from each other. The difference between both the websites are mentioned below. Read it to know more.

Let’s begin with WordPress.org

WordPress.org is a self-hosted WordPress and free of cost that can be installed on the web host to build a website that fully belongs to the developer of the website and to nobody else.

Then comes WordPress.com

WordPress.com is paid and for-profit service which is powered by WordPress.org software. The best part is that it is very simple to use. The only problem is that the user may lose the flexibility that a self-hosted website contains.

So, the basic difference is on the basis of cost. One is free whereas the other is profit-based. When people say WordPress, they actually mean free WordPress. So if you want to host your website yourself, then WordPress.org should be your choice.

Uses of WordPress

When the concept of WordPress came initially, it was only used to create blogs not websites. But many modifications were made by the developers of WordPress and now this is used for making an innumerable number of websites. Any type of website can be made with the help of WordPress. So after the modification by the team of WordPress, any website like Business Website, commercial website, blogs, social network resumes, portfolios, etc. can be easily built.

It is evident that WordPress has not been restricted to blogs only. But, the a modified version of WordPress also helps in creating and developing a website of our own.

Importance of WordPress

Few points have been mentioned below. Read it out to know more about it.

  • WordPress is Free:- The best of WordPress is that it is free for use. You can download WordPress software, use it, modify it accordingly. You can also create your own website by using this application.
  • Easy to Customize:- There are many users who do not have any knowledge about website designing or programming. They use WordPress tool without any further knowledge. This issue is faced by beginners. So to solve this problem the only perfect solution is WordPress. In this software, there are so many templates already installed. For every website, particular themes have been installed.
  • SEO Friendly:- WordPress is SEO friendly. SEO WordPress can also be used for the optimization of the website.
  • Easy to Manage:- WordPress has a built-in management system. All the updates can be installed from the WordPress Admin dashboard. Moreover, to avoid any file from getting deleted, WordPress Backup can be used to store the file after it’s back up.
  • Safety and Security:- While developing WordPress, Safety and security have been kept in the mind and that’s why this software is considered as safe and secure software. Even if someone tries to attack the software, the user should follow some particular easy steps.

So now, the meaning and use of WordPress software are easily clear. For beginners, this WordPress is good for use. The best part of this software is that even if the user does not have any idea of web designing or programming, they can also use it and make the website.


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