How to use a Grill Pan

AGrill Pan is a Frying Pan that has elevated ridges with grill lines on them and is used for cooking.  Grill Pans are also known as griddle or broiler pans in different parts of the world. The grill lines in the grill pan are spaced around 1 to 2 centimeters from each other. The height is elevated to 0.5 high which helps the juice to drop down from the food. They are a perfect alternative if you don’t own an outside Grill.

To own a good Grill Pan you don’t have to invest a hefty amount of money but, to own an outside grill you may have to give away those extra savings. The best part of owning a Grill Pan is you can use it all seasons and in your own house. But outside Grills are generally used during summer, which lasts for only 3 months or so.


The Grill Pan has the raised ridges which give your food the countenance like grilled food. Grilled Pans are used for grilling the food over your stove. They are perfect for the time and money-saving and also easy to clean. Although these Grill Pans can resemble the grill marks, it’s not going to a 100% in taste or the grill marks you would want on your food. However, the easy to use as we can use them in our comfort and inside our house. Most Grill Pans are non-stick, which helps the food not to stick to the bottom and can be easily cleaned by hand or in your dishwasher.


You can cook almost anything and everything, searing your favorite steak, grilling your fish, shrimps, chicken, avocados, pineapples or burger patties, asparagus, canned corns, beans, etc


Most homes have stoves and adding a Grill Pan to your kitchen assets is a great idea. Grill Pans are good for smokeless cooking almost giving you the same texture, grill marks and even cooking of your food. They are also easy in cleaning. Since they are available in non-stick they won’t burn your food and you can use less oil or butter while cooking. They are also available in cast iron which is durable and long-lasting. They are available in square and circular shapes giving you a choice of design you would want to pick. Grill pans are versatile in use, as, most of them come with lids; so, you can grill and steam your food. They can be used in all seasons as you get the comfort of cooking indoors. They are stylish enough too, can be used in the direct serving of food. In terms of health they are PFOA and PFTE free.

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