The best truck driving games

The truck industry is one of the fastest adopters of new technology. It is that industry that is excited to use advanced equipment. The usage of equipment like SmartRider devices makes it most productive.

The main advantage for the truckers is the combination of plug-ins and apps that are helping them to make automotive Internet of things.

Today the technology is not only used for improving driver’s safety or for making sure if the best vehicle battery is onboard. It has also been started to be presented in training scenarios. The growth of affordable VR equipment is making fully immersive truck simulation training practical. This helps in introducing drivers to stressful and dangerous scenarios.

In order to taste the tracking life, you don’t need advanced technologically equipment. The developers produced a combination of challenging and fun Simulators, that one can download on the smartphone. So here we have a list of top truck simulator games that can make your gaming experience full of fun.

Top four games

Truck Simulator the USA

The one game that is available to become a professional driver and enjoy a career, and the online multiplayer mode. It is a 3D game. In this game, there is a wheel of a semi-truck at the back. All one needs to do is to deliver the products and earn money.

In truck simulator USA, the gameplay is quite complicated. It consists of tons of switches and buttons on the screen. When the game starts, you will have only one truck of yours, but as the game proceeds, the number of trucks increases as you earn money.


  • Day and night cycle
  • Unlock tons of trucks
  • Good graphics
  • One can even get out and take a walk.



  • Android 4.1+
  • Latest version: 2.20
  • Language: English+43 other languages

World Truck Driving Simulator

The new mobile simulator introduced by Dynamic games. The best one for those who are interested in the daily work of a truck driver. This is one of those games that will surely give you the best experience. Android gamers will experience the role of real truck drivers.

The one using this will have the chance of getting involved with the truck driving business. One here gets the chance to explore vast game features. World truck driving simulator gives you access to realistic constructed trucks and complete control on it. It is the one which gives you the experience of real driving by roads having traffic, cars moving around, pedestrians, and the signals.


  • Offers you variety of trucks with distinct features
  • You can customize your favorite truck.
  • Intuitive vehicle handling options.
  • Amazing visual & sound quality


  • Android 5.0
  • Version:1.162

EURO truck driver

Want to experience the feel of real truck driving?

Euro Truck Driver is one of the best 3D simulators by Ovilex Soft. The truck simulator that allows transporting stuff from the city to another. It gives the chance to explore the Open World Map.

One can enjoy the same by playing it with your friends. The game offers next-gen graphics, interiors of the trucks are ultra-realistic, and also offers different scenes by the six angles of the camera.


  • The option of manual transmission
  • Dynamic weather
  • Steering control option
  • Engine sounds are accurate.


  • Android 4.1
  • Version: 2.3

Heavy Truck Simulator

Be the king of the road by Heavy Truck Simulator. It is one of the best simulation games offered by Dynamic Games. The one which gives you the experience of transporting goods and businesses and customers, and also you will be paid for your work. The distance of delivering goods may vary.

Heavy truck simulation offers you a realistic and exciting experience of truck driving and earning money by ding the job.


  • Graphic qualities can be changed
  • Engine On/off
  • Lots of trucks available


  • 4.1+
  • Version: 1.973

Install any of the truck simulator game and get ready to take charge of the roads, by learning the rules of the driving truck through these play games.


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